FastHouse is an innovative manufacturer of modular closed panel and timber frame systems for the construction industry.

FastHouse, based in Limavady, Northern Ireland, has developed a Specialised Construction System in a factory controlled environment.  Our system is high performing, energy efficient and cost effective.

Materials are pre-cut and pre-engineered off-site in our factory with virtually no waste, utilising high-tech construction methods and the most environmentally friendly building components. FastHouse has the ability to significantly speed up housing provision, as well as advancing the sustainability agenda.

FastHouse can offer innovative manufacturing systems to:

  • Address the shortage of the skilled construction workforce
  • Dramatically reduce construction timeframes
  • Provide certainty to programme planning
  • With “precision” factory conditions, remove the risk of failures – design, materials and workmanship.

Our closed panel timber frame wall system is 50% faster than traditional build construction, and 30% faster than standard open panel timber frame construction

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